2020 VPS Hosting Recommended

//2020 VPS Hosting Recommended

2020 VPS Hosting Recommended

Web site set up server can not be separated from the early virtual host to today’s VPS , by the year 2010 is a very popular Godaddy , crocodile host (HostGator) , Justhost , Bluehost other well-known providers of hosting space, the passage of time, with the fierce competition between operating costs and major businesses, VPS has dropped the price of our civilian people who, at a price we can buy the original web hosting VPS hosting now, though domestic and Tencent Ali clouds Join a cloud and other large businesses, but domestic VPS price and web hosting is much higher than abroad, Ali cloud as a comparison to the price of a year to around 1000RMB, but a little inconvenience is the need for a variety of record, this for a host of very anxious people who use very easy thing, so many people will choose to go relatively inexpensive and does not require registration of foreign VPS or virtual host.

VPS Hosting selected not only just consider the price issue, we need to consider whether the data backup easy, considering all factors, access speed, server stability and so on in order to choose their own relatively satisfied with the web hosting. Every business has its own unique advantages or have some drawbacks, how to choose a matter of opinion.

Special note: domestic, foreign and VPS host server products are described below, please comply with local laws and regulations, not to be used for any illegal purpose.


JUSTHOST host (click go)package price: 3.95 per month from the knife, not limited binding domain, does not limit the size of the site space.
Description: It is said that a subsidiary BLUEHOST JUSTHOST in fact, they use the same set of management systems, for starters Cpeal panel is a very easy to use management system easy to use, integrated cms WordPress and other commonly used systems can be installed directly use is also very convenient.
Official Website: https://www.justhost.com (Click to visit)


Turnkeyinternet (Click to visit)

Data Center: Los Angeles, Singapore
Package price: cheapest long knife from 4.99
brief: This should describe this grand VPS part of their support Alipay, and the price is very low as long as the knife 4.99 a month, this business with people not currently many, should be considered more vice kind host, stability and practicality are a good choice.
Official Website: https://www.turnkeyinternet.net (Click to visit)


FATCOW (Click to visit)

Since 1998, FatCow Web hosting plan has provided reliable hosting services for individuals and businesses. Whether you are looking for small business web hosting providers still want to use for your business domain name ? , FatCow will provide you with the services and experienced team to support you! And other well-known businesses compared to the service provider may reputation is not great, but since 1998 they began to provide web services for small businesses, and to adhere to 20 years of service providers is really not easy, inexpensive packages from their home start at $ 4.98 per month, if you do not like father and other service providers to the service provider you can try.

Official Website: https://www.fatcow.com (Click to visit)


Accuwebhosting (Click to visit)

This host’s data center as shown below, much

On the whole room of his house in addition to more than the price so good in the past for general corporate site selection company is a good choice, one for foreign trade electricity supplier web sites layout continents site is also a good choice. If you say too much more for the mainstream people with VPS, there is often the site IP substitution and other phenomena occur, the space business is a good choice, but they also can select the virtual space.

Official Website: https://www.accuwebhosting.com (Click to visit)


Vultr (Click to visit)

Vultr year was the first to pull one civilian VPS price level of the host businesses, their data centers are: Japan, Los Angeles, Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, 16 rooms, the lowest package price is now 5 knife monthly 3.5 knife before the monthly low price but now there are only ipv6 is not suitable for being used as an IP server use, so I do not recommend you buy 3.5 knife package, now Vultr supports payment comprising the micro letter, Alipay but need to pay attention not to use the same payment account to open multiple accounts, it will be considered cheating, it is easy to be sealed, and now businesses are still engaged in activities for the first time 25 knife blade to send 50 top events , can be used to purchase any VPS hosting, this activity may be canceled at any time, a friend in need to buy as soon as possible, with regard to the selection room, we do not recommend you buy the host Japan, because we all know that people with too much, often Caton.
Official Website: https://www.vultr.com (Click to visit)


DigitalOcean (Click to visit)

The Digital Ocean hosting providers also one of the five early exit knife cheap VPS, then they direct competitor is Linode, at a low price to develop the market, and achieved good results, their house data centers are:

Best price package is 5 per month knife 1 GB  / 1 the CPU 25 GB  SSD Disk 1000 GB  Transfer package, basically for the ordinary type of website is good enough, if it is foreign trade and so it requires a large flow of customers, recommended to choose a larger data plan.
Currently businesses engaged in activities for the first time top-25 knife to send 100 knife value activities 60 days period , you can purchase any host, this preferential still is, we can be used to practice your hand is also good, unfortunately this does not support Alipay and micro-channel pay only the PP and credit card payments, but also just to raise the threshold for a moment, so as not too many people crowded overload occurs.


Crocodile host (HostGator) (Click to visit)

This business is a veteran of the business, most people start with the most virtual space business, a lot to do before the fake cards are selecting this space business, their home is more expensive VPS is not recommended if you just want to buy a stable virtual space can try to buy the veteran host, and a 45-day money back guarantee period should be noted that they only support the PP and credit card payments.

Official Website: https://www.hostgator.com (Click to visit)


VPS, virtual space selection and use of summary

Web hosting is a great invention, let us spend a very low money can have an always-on host for us, we choose when VPS hosting If you just want to learn as a test project, build a website, you can choose a cheaper, until the time when their true commercial operations can select a highly practical host more expensive. Here I’d like to remind you to back up data on a lot of good web hosting, at least there is a rainy day, we give you more than is recommended as a VPS host, does not constitute a decisive factor in your purchase, just as a reference, for each large service providers we can not control, have any questions please contact the merchant directly, although if you have any questions give us a message, we will answer your questions for the first time. We choose any VPS hosting providers, be sure to use regular, prolonged occupation of CPU resources, do not allow the use of SPAM and other functions, will likely be prohibited from server businesses even use the account, to remind you once again have to comply with local laws, do not use for any illegal purpose.


  1. Reviews 10 million, the first reason. January 22, 2019 AM10 AT: 48

    All information page data for reference only, does not constitute a factor to buy, please speak rationally, not personal attacks, we learn from each other, discuss progress, thank you!

    • ADMIN 2019 Nian 3 Yue 22 Ri PM2 AT: 15

      Please comply with local laws and regulations, not to buy VPS hosting, and virtual space used for illegal purposes, or may attach legal liability.

  2. ADMIN 2019 Nian 3 Yue 22 Ri PM2 AT: 17

    Will need to reinstall the system what to get, a lot of the background is not VPS hosting reinstall the system do?

    • VPS Hosting March 22, 2019 PM2 AT: 21

      Most of the platforms are there to reinstall the system function, but it should be noted that heavy equipment to back up data on a good host, or regret it too late. If it is not reload function selection buttons, you can submit a help in the background, asking for help is installed on the host, but some may be related to service charges, be sure to ask clear.

  3. Foreign trade by March 22, 2019 PM2 AT: 22

    Crocodile Host Why so expensive now, especially in their home VPS Hosting?

    • Zhu Xiao wooden March 22, 2019 PM2 AT: 25

      Their home more expensive VPS web hosting seems okay, around a lot of my friends are in use

      • ADMIN 2019 Nian 3 Yue 22 Ri PM3 AT: 08

        Yes, vps more expensive, not recommended, it touches a lot of people use virtual space, possibly before the reason we have been put in use.

  4. ADMIN 2019 Nian 3 Yue 22 Ri PM3 AT: 12

    Do you know why there are so many people using the virtual space? Normal logic should everyone use the VPS.

    • wezhiu 2019 Nian 3 Yue 22 Ri PM3 AT: 14

      Matter of choice, many novices still prefer the virtual space, you do not need to configure the host server environments can normally make the site accessible. But by the time the entry stage will slowly choose VPS as a server site,.

  5. ADMIN 2019 Nian 3 Yue 22 Ri PM3 AT: 18

    Do you know how many total web hosting domain can bind it?

    • Foreign host March 22, 2019 PM3 AT: 19

      Most foreign hosting space provider for the binding domain is no limit to the number of

  6. ADMIN 2019 Nian 3 Yue 22 Ri PM3 AT: 28

    Virtual space file number and size restrictions?

  7. Host recommended March 22, 2019 PM3 AT: 30

    The number of files are generally no limit, but the file size will generally be controlled by traffic that is slow access speed, is limited.

  8. vultr 2019 Nian 3 Yue 22 Ri PM3 AT: 39

    vultr now largely been sealed is not a lot of IP segment

    • ADMIN 2019 Nian 3 Yue 22 Ri PM3 AT: 42

      You can not always choose not to select US and European line of data center jp

  9. ADMIN 2019 Nian 3 Yue 22 Ri PM4 AT: 58

    Godaddy host before a lot of people in the US use, now you know why the decline yet?

    • GoDaddy 2019 Nian 3 Yue 22 Ri PM5 AT: 01

      Dogs should be remembered stumble before 10 years time well particularly large, but with the rise of vps behind many businesses began to wave down the road, expensive maybe they do not care about this already successful listing of the bar. It claims to be the world’s first domain name registrar to come.

      • ADMIN 2019 Nian 3 Yue 22 Ri PM8 AT: 03

        The boss seems to be back to business veterans started to play Sadness card to do a lot of people buy it up

  10. Short Story March 22, 2019 PM8 AT: 00

    If you are not satisfied with the purchase of vps host you can refund?

    • ADMIN 2019 Nian 3 Yue 22 Ri PM8 AT: 02

      Most of them can apply for a refund of specific refund policy subject to the official website, email if you have any problems, please leave a message.

  11. oem 2019 Nian 3 Yue 22 Ri PM10 AT: 37

    Select the room generally good Asian or American server stability, it does not require fast, but must be stable.

  12. Anonymous March 23, 2019 AM8 AT: 10

    cpanel sometimes open very slowly, how to do? Is it because IP is limited to 🚫the question?

    • ADMIN 2019 Nian 3 Yue 23 Ri PM10 AT: 34

      Not all domestic and foreign realization lines directly connected so sometimes there is a problem with slower connections need to be patient refresh a few times

  13. White March 23, 2019 PM10 AT: 25

    Will the current station needs to do foreign trade which technologies recommended web hosting or vps I was a white

    • ADMIN 2019 Nian 3 Yue 23 Ri PM10 AT: 35

      If the beginning is not very familiar with it can buy a little cheaper vps hosting or try your hand at waiting familiar you can begin to buy good host to actually use

  14. Singapore in March 29th, 2019 PM4 AT: 15

    Why do some web hosting vps host cheaper than it? It is not a cheap host does not do a good host?

    • ADMIN 2019 Nian 3 Yue 29 Ri PM7 AT: 18

      This is because each host corresponding to an operator’s decision to market makers, many of which are very cheap in the first month, in order to be able to get the first customer to use, allowing customers to experience their services.

  15. Ali March 29, 2019 PM4 AT: 16

    Foreign vps host what advantages and disadvantages, the choice of domestic or foreign host host it?

    • ADMIN 2019 Nian 3 Yue 29 Ri PM7 AT: 21

      The main benefits of vps abroad can apply for a refund at any time guarantee, but also replace the system at any time, without filing and other advantages, the biggest drawback is the slow access speed. The main advantages of the host country is stable, fast access, but it is very difficult to refund, but also need to access the record.

  16. Cancer March 31, 2019 PM4 AT: 39

    Why Sometimes the foreign server line is not very stable yet? It is not because of the distance, calculated in accordance with the speed of light should not be so ah!

    • Foreign host recommended March 31, 2019 PM9 AT: 04

      Which involves undersea fiber optic cable and other circuitous, and add filtering firewall will be very slow, of course, there are many factors.

  17. Milk March 31, 2019 PM9 AT: 14

    justhost host is still relatively stable, the price is too high, the price is more expensive than vps host.

  18. FFQQ 2019 Nian 9 Yue 21 Ri PM3 AT: 08  

    Now hosts used to do FQ can it? Why is speed so slow?

  19. Foreign host recommended September 21, 2019 PM3 AT: 14

    Turnkeyinternet this is a relatively small minority of the vice-hosting companies, it is also relatively stable, inexpensive knife only 4.99 a month ah, support payments, is recommended.

  20. Foreign host recommended October 7, 2019 PM9 AT: 38

    The latest beef is a service provider, the service provider from the service began in 1998, you can go to try, for a monthly fee.

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